Optimisez la gestion de votre activité

Fast, easy and mobile, we can synchronize with any type of structured message (Email, SMS, PDF, QR code, ...) and we maximize the visibility of your website (SEO).

Pourquoi faire appel à HelloApp?

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Structurez vos données

You receive an incalculable number of emails, sms, PDF, CSV, phone calls and you want all this data to be processed and structured automatically in the form of a schedule, graph or summary in order analyze them at a glance.

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Augmentez votre clientèle

You want to improve your visibility on the internet to maximize your sales. You will want to increase your clientele while ensuring a responsive client follow-up and adapted to your service

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Optimisez votre activité 

Some repetitive tasks in your activity could be done automatically through a custom application:

  • Automated customer follow-up (email, SMS, etc.)

  • Analyse your date

  • Decision making through artificial intelligence

HelloApp SRL overview

HelloApp is a Namur company located on the banks of the Meuse providing web applications to optimize the management and visibility of SMEs. Various web applications have been developed in the mobility and airport parking management sector (Charleroi, Brussels, Luxembourg, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse). Among these applications, HelloApp has implemented an algorithm to extract useful information from structured messages and from multiple sources. This algorithm makes it possible in particular to generate the schedule, the occupancy rate or the exact census of the number of vehicles in a car park based on reservations from multiple sources (pdf, sms, email, website, telephone call). Benefiting from a know-how in the field of artificial intelligence and data analysis, HelloApp aims to optimize any logistical process in order to maximize the performance and control of these customers in their sector of activity. . HelloApp also develops websites and identifies them to give its customers maximum visibility. 


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